Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moving On

Well, the good news is that my Saturdays will be free once more. On the other hand, this Friday will be my last day on the job after eight years. Will probably go into something more... a writing-focused job, yes? Anyone have suggestions or proposals?

Obviously, I'm a little bit wary of the upcoming change given how I've only just begun my writing career. One thing I like about my current job was how it helped me-- and gave me time-- to start writing. We've all heard about the usual stories about people who wanted to write but didn't have the time or energy because of their job. My hope is that my next job will still allow me to do this.

(And I'm not even thinking about the writing for my blog, even. It would be a shame to stop after four years, right? Four years? Geez, has it been that long?)

My other fear is that what to do with my writing: should I get a job and hope that I'll be able to continue my writing? Should I write instead and hope that my writing-- not just fiction but freelancing into articles, PR, etc.-- will be able to feed me and my future family? I know a few people who do freelancing (i.e. rackets) and know that it's not a secure life. (Though admittedly a liberating one.) For me, who's mindset is that it's better to work in a company than on my own, this is a scary thought.

Oh well. Questions, questions, questions...

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