Monday, April 21, 2008

Very Far from Real Life and Needing a Map

I am a bum cat.

Running errands, editing, trying hard to keep busy after 8 years of working in the same company. After last Friday, my last day at work, I hoped to slip away quietly but my co-workers held a despedida for me the day before.

Heh, I knew the priorities and when they asked me to say a few words, I told them, "Let's eat!"

Still, 8 years is a long time.

Here's to me finding work soon. I can feel my canines growing in frustration already.


dodo dayao said...

Good luck from one bum to another, man. The lull is your friend for now, though, so bask in its company - - -read, vegetate,eat, hang,whatever - - - 'cause you'll be looking for it soon enough once the work starts coming in. I wouldn't recommend the freelancing life to anyone - - -it's erratic,frustrating, scary - - -but it's also rather liberating. And if stress is your archenemy, as mine is, it's heavensent. :)

Vin said...

Good luck with finding a new job bc! At least you'll be free on Saturdays. Join us for LitCrit if you can. :)

JHS - aka Lucretia/Luke said...

ah ... freelancing is it? you will be brilliant. go get 'em :)

cat with the fiddle said...

*salute* you have the courage not many can weild in times of tribulation :)

dodo dayao is right, enjoy the down time while it lasts.

banzai cat said...

Hehe thanks people. Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, ever since I quit I had no internet-- so if I needed to go online, I had to pay by the minute. Alas, that means no blogging.