Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happiness is Getting Freebies (Even if Only Temporary)

Nowadays I get to write more than I ever did in my previous job.

But a nice benefit to the work I do are the new gadgets I get to review-- which means I use it until the bosses take it from my (cold, dead) hands to return 'em to the manufacturers.

The first one out of the box was the Windows Optical Wireless Mouse 3000, which was a nice fit for my laptop. Obviously, this was my first experience with a wireless-- what do you expect with a technophobic, penniless cat-- but I had to make sure I wasn't awed out when I did the review. Careful, careful: we are all cool cats here.

Good thing it was easy to use: a couple days with me and I managed to do a review quickly enough. Yes, I was given a two-week duration to check it out. But what the hell, it was a slow period for me and I didn't want to look like I was slacking off before the new bosses.

But the next item I'm set to review is definitely interesting: a Samsung SGH-F250 mobile cell phone. More than a phone, it's a music player with a very distinctive speaker at the back of the slide screen. It will probably take me a while to review this as I've gotten another assignment. (These reviews usually have a 500-word limit while the new one is a six-page tech study.)

In the meantime, I can use my pre-paid Globe chip with this one while I test it out. Unfortunately, I can't get attached to either of these as I still have to return them. No such thing as a free lunch, yes? Still, I wonder when they'll give me a laptop or a game console to review...

Updated to add: Took me a while before I could turn off the T9 predictive text on this one. Grrr. But overall, it's a music player that you could use as a phone. Unfortunately, I'm a Nokia cat through and through so it's back to my old phone for me.

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