Friday, August 01, 2008

Bedraggled Beasties

You know traffic is really heavy-bad when you come up with a new term while waiting for your lane to inch forward:

eternity piss- When you're stuck in traffic and you really need to take a leak, and when you do find a nearby gas station with a decent bathroom, it takes you forever to pee.

Blame the rain that flooded all thoroughfares crossing South Superhighway Thursday night. I left Libis around 4:45 pm, got to Shopwise Makati around 5:30, and finally hit Taft around 9:30 pm. Imagine, the distance from the Pasong Tamo extension to the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway)-- usually 15 minutes even with traffic-- took two hours!

It didn't help that Buendia was solid with traffic AND was flooded with tire-high water. Trust me, vehicles passing by and the waves rocking your car gently is not a form of lullaby I'd recommend to anyone.


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