Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yes, I Know I Have Issues

Well, since certain someones have already made kwento about an almost-certain bar fight near Benilde last week, I guess I can add this.

To wit:

On our way to clarity, we saw one boy run to the CR to hide and another one running after the boy, pulling out a blade. We watched the slapstick-action-drama unfold. The usual rule is: DON’T INTERFERE. HAYAAN MONG MAGPATAYAN AT MAGMUKHANG MGA TANGA. (miaow translation: let them kill each other and look like fools)

But see, they were really just disturbing all the people who came there to do their business. As old-farts-consumers, Joey and I said, “Huy! Tama na yan! Take it outside!”

There was the response, “Sorry, sorry, sige.”

Then violent-college-testosterone-with-booze-cock-fight flared up again in a matter of minutes, this time with a thrown bottle that made people go “Aaaaayyyyyy!”

Joey said, “Ano ba!” (miaow translation: What's your problem?)

The response was a pointed finger (of the boy with the knife) at Joey, “Bakit?! Pulis ka ba?! Ha?! Gusto mo rin?!” (miaow translation: Why?! Are you a policeman! Yeah? You want this?!)

(Read the whole text here. Ya gotta scroll down a bit.)

In the aftermath, I told dean, "You know, I'm not really against the Chinese or the rich. I'm really against everybody." Well, it's true. I remember that young Chinese guy's face, so arrogant because he thinks he's monied. I know it's not limited to status or race: basically, I see that in the faces of the young and the idiotic no matter the social class or blood.

I suppose some people can say that I have issues. But honestly, it's really about disgust with the whole human race. If it's any consolation, it helps that I'm naturally friendly (especially online) so I guess that offsets it. *said with a straight face*


Ryan said...

well u were actually trying 2 help him. he was just too immature to know at the time. kids.

banzai cat said...

Hehe trust you to give me another perspective in the matter. ;-)