Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reading as a Religion... Or Faith?

I like this thought in fantasist Daniel Abraham's post about plot:

One of the books I’ve read since the Symposium has shed some light on this. Compte-Sponville’s Little Book of Atheist Spirituality. He talks in that about one of the competing etymologies for “religion” being related to a word that meant “to reread.” The stories that we go back to again and again develop a depth and a power, or (in this case) a genre. If mystery novels are retelling the story of sin uncovered and romances are retelling the story of lovers kept apart by fate overcoming it (if it’s Pride and Prejudice) or dying in the attempt (Romeo & Juliet, Love Story), then maybe the farmboy and the regreening of the world aren’t as far from each other as it seemed to me at first.
The etymology of religion meaning to 're-read'? Priceless. (Especially this interesting study of the idea here.) The whole post is also great reading as it involves Joseph Campbell's Journey of the Hero, etc.

Qui sibi semitam non sapiunt, alteri monstrant viam.

In other news, here's another 15-minutes. It's a sequel of sorts, and a tribute to a lost friend.


JP said...

Interesting..if I read this right, he's trying to find ways to revitalise stock plots from the ground up?

banzai cat said...

I think so. He's not flashy about it, more like solid explication. Have you read his story online, "The Cambist and Lord Iron"? It's an interesting take on economics and fantasy.