Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Taking a Break

Sorry for the blotty updates. I ran away for the weekend to Dumaguete as I seriously needed the downtime. Forced myself to realize something, come up with a mantra:


Touch-base instead of saying hello
Moving forward instead of moving on
Best practices instead of doing right:
These are the words we use
in a life not our own
not we own.

Standing before the sea, i think of:
(hushed, worried voices)
meetings to be met
reports to report
deadlines to kill

and to survive
i step away
i claim:
this not you.


*shakes head as if waking up*

Anyway, regular service to resume after this post.


sharmaine said...

whooo, is this a first? a poem by you? i usually read that from the other half :) nice and sad.

banzai cat said...

Not really. On all counts. ;-)