Monday, January 19, 2009

The Weekend Flu

Well, more for my computers than for me.

One of my USB flash drives caught something last Friday in an Internet shop and passed it on to my PC, laptop and my other USB flash drive. Unfortunately, I thought my NOD32 anti-virus was good enough to catch those things to begin with. So I spent the whole weekend downloading Malwarebytes, Kaspersky and Superantispyware to flush the damn bugs out.

Fortunately, it seems to have worked as the folders in both my USB flash drives have stopped disappearing right before my eyes. It's also a good thing I backed up all my writing material at the start of year because I lost almost everything in my writing USB flash drive.

The ironic thing was that I haven't written any fiction since then because of work. Funny how things seem to work out, eh?


cat with the fiddle said...

anything tech i own catches bugs. it would catch the common cold if it wanted to.

i am more the pen and paper type though. but even those archives were infested by termites.

perhaps it's a good thing i don't have a very keen memory for written stuff. maybe i'd get alzheimer's disease the way my luck is unfolding.

banzai cat said...

help! please no!

that would make an interesting story though: a person who doesn't leave a mark anywhere... :-)