Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just A Dream

... and he shut the vault door behind him to hide, to seek shelter from the undead outside and I see him slam the bolts close but there is a struggle and I see how he tries to wrestle the other man down but the dead ants (ants?) are moving towards us and he screams "don't let them get to close!" and we draw a line of gasoline on the floor in hopes of lighting a fire and...

... I wake up to the sirens of fire trucks racing to their urgent destination and I think: is this it? I think of the undead rising and emergency teams trying to answer the call of chaos in the streets, failing miserably because the dead do not lie down like all proper dead people should be doing. I lie in bed thinking and fearing the time has come and I can barely move. Time seems to stretch and more sirens can be heard outside. Am I ready? Where do you run when the undead are after you?

When I get up, I go to the window and see the crimson light of fire and black smoke spewing from a spot in the city. I remember that to distinguish a real by-god-houses-are-burning fire and a small fire is how large the base of the smoke is. This time the base is large enough to tell me that this is a real fire and not just someone burning a tire or a pile of dead leaves.

Not yet time. Not yet.


cat with the fiddle said...

last sunday, we woke up to sirens as well. lots of them, fire engines one after the other on the street. since we stay in a flat with a view of another building across, we couldn't see what it was all about. what was that all about?

banzai cat said...

well, it seems like a lot of fires going around. maybe it's the season of fires?

weirdly enough, i realized that i was dreaming of a fire and i woke up to one outside the window.