Monday, April 06, 2009


Well, after six days, I think I'm getting used to not working.

I'm doing okay at the moment since I'm making my last pay stretch. Good thing also that there are a number of sales at bookstores so I can make a purchase well worth the buy (i.e. Chris Adrian's The Children's Hospital worth P1,006 now P150 and even a coverless hardbound of Brian McNaughton's Throne of Bones at P30-- very hard to find. )

I think it appropriate though as the city slows down for the Holy Week and the hot summer sun beats everyone into submission, I find the time now to rethink my options and to start writing again. Like some exotic night flower blooming, I can feel the stories in my head opening up again. I'm even thinking of expanding a suite of my 'night-stalker' stories that involve a number of my memorable characters, like Johnny Tatô and Jack Estranghero. (Huh. What is it about the Filipino life that goes well with horror?)

So: how's you guys doing? Anyone going to the beach for the Holy Week?


Ryan said...

i will lie low and save money

sharmaine said...

The last place I would want to be is at the beach during the Holy Week. Imagine the crowds.

JP said...

You quit your job? What did I miss?

cat with the fiddle said...

i came from the beach. well, our hometown really, whose back door opens to the beach. and i have the bites from sea creatures to prove it.

banzai cat said...

ryan: true that. trying to write most of the time. operative word being 'most'. *sigh*

sharmaine: actually yes. the best time to spend the holy week is in the city. but then again, i like to go to the beach during the off-season. ;-)

jp: yup. got burn-out. :-)

cat: heh lucky you. (not the creature bites though. which is why i prefer swimming in pools at times.)