Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Boy, Have I Got Something to Tell You...

... paolo chikiamco is Michael Jackson's lovechild!*

Er, okay, maybe not. But it's just as fun: pao's set up a go-to website for all things Philippine Speculative Fiction at rocketkapre. Aside from being a website, it's also a publishing outfit with Rocket Kapre Books digital imprint. Ain't that cool?**

What's even wonderful is that pao is doing this for the solid love in his heart for local spec fic (or as they say, for the lurve). Ya gotta give the man some cred, having quit his high-paying, soul-searing job as a lawyer. Rather scary thing, ennit, going all-in as they say in Texas Hold-Em Poker.

More to the point, he's committed to doing this, i.e. he's talked the talked and now he's walking the walk. We should all be glad that people from the spec fic community (from dean, to kyu, to charles and now pao) are willing to commit themselves to these things. In a Manny Pacquiao voice, "We should too, you know."

So let's back pao and support Philippine spec fic by checking out his site! Better yet, make your love known in visits, clicks, links and money!***

* Well, with a cartoon like that, you have to wonder. *wink*

**Yes, that's two digital publishing firms out locally with me and pao. Talk about great minds thinking alike. kyu, you should come and join us online, you know.

***Whew, my throat's all raw from all that shouting and shilling. Maybe I should get paid for this. Hmm...

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