Thursday, October 29, 2009

Riffing the Stories: Operation Big Brother/ Four Kings

Excellent! For those who are interested in both reading stories and grooving to music, I can now happily inform you that a local music website called allmusicjunkies is now online and ready for viewing.

What's it all about?

Well, thanks to duskwatcher, I got to meet an extraordinary bunch of people who really dig music and who wanted to share the love around. These people set up a site called allmusicjunkies and started writing a lot of music-related stuff they thought people would interesting.

They also asked me to write little fictionlets-- similar to my 15-minute writing exercises-- that riff on the first lines of songs.

Where can I find this place?

You can start off by clicking the allmusicjunkies and clicking on the 'enter' button. For those who're interested in what I've written, you can check out my first forays using Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit" here. You know the song, the one that goes...

Anyway, since I was suitably inspired by what the people behind the site were doing, I thought I'd give them two-for-the-price of one:

Operation Big Brother

"Don’t call me Bubble Boy,” he snapped as he studied the group. He never had friends in his isolation and he envied the boys their camaraderie. “Are you ready?”

“Would I be dressed like this if I weren’t?” she said.

Daniel admitted that she looked good in her black cargo pants, sleeveless plaid blouse, and black metal-capped boots.“Come on, girl, show me what you got,” he said with a half-smile.

Snorting, she slid out a black metal baton that she extended with a flick of a wrist. She added, “Play some music, Bubble Boy."

Four Kings

...I’ve made a living on songs that would get the kids’ feet moving with far more verve than the prospect of sex. By then I was making deals left and right with musicians, making them play my music, instead of playing it myself. Sometimes it was just a tune or the whole song, and sometimes it was the gift of playing.

And when they didn’t pay - well, ask Robert Johnson what happened to him when he tried to avoid his rendezvous at the crossroads. Or Buddy Holly trying to fly away on his little airplane. Really, when you make a deal, you stick by it. And why not? I’m good at what I do. I make the songs that the whole world dances and listens to, so I should be paid what I’m owed, right?

There's also a lot of other stuff there, like rival riffs (celebrity match-ups), word wars (lyrical takedowns), and the latest from music from indies, the US, Europe and Asia. And oh yes, they've also got the ineluctable dodo doing top 5 lists for them.

So go on, check 'em out. And spread the word.

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