Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Movies, Creepy Hand Logos, Japanese Birds, and Other Things

  • The indefatigable don has joined up with a movie group to produce/analyse/critique movies, which you check out at pelikula. Good stuff there.
  • Meanwhile, there's a great project to help local Filipino creative work called Project 20:10 (their Facebook page here). On their website, they state:

"Seems the main problem for our lack of good local content creators is lack of support. And the main reason why there is no support is the lack of good content creators. Looks like we’ve got a deadlock to break.
So who’s going first?
Both are.
PROJECT 20:10 is a campaign to get people to support more local content, as well as create more local content. By joining the project, you pledge to read/watch/play the works of twenty (20) local authors/ creators/ developers who you haven't supported before, before the year 2010 is up.
Also, by joining, you pledge to create an original piece of high quality fiction/ comic/ animation/ game worth at least ten (10) pages/ minutes/ levels before the year 2010 is up."

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