Monday, January 25, 2010

Riffing the stories: A Reunion at Revelation Rock

Remember that scare last year over the possibility of the world ending at 2012?

Admit it: it got you worried. It didn't help that Bruckheimer film came along (or was it all a publicity job to get attention for the movie?) and started throwing giant mountain-swallowing waves and humongous continent-wide earthquakes around on the movie screen for our benefit.

Fortunately for us writers, when we get some heebie-jeebies about something, the first thing we do-- aside from cry in a corner-- is to think: "how do I get to use that in my writing?"

This is the result, with a dash of the first line of Lenie Kravitz's "Are you going to go my way?" and a little sprinkling of Neil Gaiman.

A Reunion at Revelation Rock

“So where y’all headed?” asked the driver, his lined face watching the road for potholes. Despite his watchful eye, the potholes seemed to sneak up on their vehicle despite his tight grip on the steering.

The young man looked at the man in black riding at the back of the truck and said, “The town of Revelation Rock. I hear it’s at the end of this road. Is that right?”

“True enough,” the old man muttered. “I’m guessing you’re with the group that showed up in town. What’s your name, son?”

“I’ve been known as The Prince that will Come-- but you can call me Dragon,” he said, studying the multitude of new and old cuts on his forearms.

I mean, really: the end of the world? That's not likely to happen in our lifetimes, right?


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