Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's the End of the World as We Know It

... and I feel fine. But seriously, yes, that' s me you see on Facebook.

A couple have expressed their surprise in seeing me there. Honestly, you know me: I wouldn't have except that the job required it.

What job? I've signed up as one of CNET Asia's bloggers. It's a fascinating gig, writing about tech and how it meshes with society and culture in the Philippines-- but wouldn't it be strange if I was writing these things and I didn't have a Facebook page, that current purveyor of all things Filipino?

It's strange how these things go.

Next stop: here I come, Twitter and Plurk and Google Buzz and...!

(Updated to add: Good Lord! When did Tunay na Lalake return?)


Charles said...

My one question is... how much does it pay?

banzai cat said...

not so much. but it's got a pretty wide audience, being CNET Asia and all.