Sunday, September 26, 2010


I finally finished my one and only book for the month of September! Woot! Boy, talk about reading slow.

Ironically, Hitomi Nakano's Train Man isn't a hard book to read. In fact, it's the reverse: the forum thread style of narration is pretty easy to read. Purportedly based on a true story on an alleged densha otoko (or a train geek) , I found myself quite taken with this book in that I felt quite an exhilarating thrill as I read this little boy-meets-girl love story.

But what makes this quite a book is the third character in the story (aside from the boy, Train Man, and the girl, Lady Hermes): the forum netizens of the Japanese 2Channel where the protagonist makes his plea for advice. Their support and their commentary as Train Man relates his adventures on the thread make this book a great read.

I'll probably make a better review of this book later on. But for now, I want to say: if you still believe in love and redemption, you won't do better than this look at a 21st century love story. Go buy, you'll love it as well.

(On a side note, Hitomi Nakano isn't a real author. It's supposedly to represent the people in the 2Chan thread.)

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