Friday, August 26, 2011

Hanging out with the cool kids in cyberspace

Oh look! Excellent fictionists Carljoe Javier and Karl M.F. de Mesa's first works will be launched as ebooks courtesy of University of the Philippines Press and made available online! The launch will be on September 6 at the National Computer Center in UP Diliman.

The books here are Carljoe's first short story collection Geek Tragedies (first published in print by UP Press with the ebook recently made available on Amazon) and Karl's first short story collection Damaged People: Tales of the Gothic-Punk (also available in print and on Amazon).

Congrats, guys!

As I once mentioned before in my CNET post, it'll be great to see Filipino works made available internationally thanks to this wonderful little tool called the Internet. So maybe it'll take some time for Filipinos to get published in print in international markets (we're getting there). But thanks to the power of the 'net, we now have left our footprint on the dust of the moon.

P.S. Whoops, looking at the shelf, I forgot to mention that Ian Casocot's first short-story collection, Beautiful Accidents, is also now available both as print and ebook. That's now three writers on the online shelf. Not bad, eh?


fantaghiro23 said...

Hi! Yes on the interview.:) Would you also like to interview Anthony de Luna? He's in charge of Flipside.:)

banzai cat said...

yeah that would be great! can i email you?

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Sure! I'm