Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Zombie Contingency Plan: Manila (Part 2)

2. Determine your Defense Ground, Weapons Supply and Escape Routes.

Once you verify that the reports are truthful despite going against all logic and science, look around and assess your situation, whether you're in the office, in school, at the mall, or at home. Keep these three things at the back of your head always in order to survive.

A. Defense Ground

Your Defense Ground is dependent on three things: access points, location and utilities. The first one is the most important, which are the access points into and out of the structure (whether building, warehouse or home) where you're hiding out.


Know all the access points to your location, whether doors, gates, windows, height of walls, and underground passages. If it's not defensible, leave it for a better one. But before you do, find out which are the best.

A house with a sturdy door and windows you can lock is good, a house with a gate and walls are better, which is the norm in any middle-class suburb in Metro Manila. Think of Quezon City, Marikina or Paranaque. Take advantage of the security-consciousness of Filipino homeowners with their penchant for grilled windows, triple-lock doors, high walls, and easily-secured garage gates.

Buildings like high-rise corporate centers and condominiums are indefensible unless used as waypoints to a better position; there's only one way up and down the stairways especially once the power goes out (and the elevators). Granted, the stairways can be defensible (like what they did in 28 Days Later) but only to a certain point. Once the building becomes surrounded and infested, you have no choice but to go up. Options like flight or jumping to the next building will be then become prudent. Likewise, a building has too many hiding places to be thoroughly secured. (There are exceptions to this but we'll get back to that later.)

A house with high gates with spiked walls is better, but a subdivision with high walls and a secure gate is best. There are a number of exclusive subdivisions whose security is top-notch with its high walls and gated roads, like Dasmarinas, the Valle Verde series, Forbes Park and Ayala Alabang. Of course it remains to be seen if these can be secured against the massed zombies. Admittedly, you'll need manpower trying to secure these areas given how big these subdivisions are. However, these can be considered as secondary goals to be achieved once the push-back to reclaim the city is initiated.

If you're trapped in Metro Manila, one of the best places I could consider as a good place to secure is the Alexandra Condominium compound in Ortigas, Pasig City. This compound with several low-rise condominiums is bounded on two sides with a deep canal (almost a moat!), high walls at the frontage and back of the compound with easily defensible gates, and high walls beside several structures.

The guardhouses of the compound need to be reinforced with sandbags and steel sheets but the roof is high enough for a guard outpost on top of it (a sniper or a heavy machine gun or even an improvised flame thrower). The gates of the compound can be secured furthermore by covering them using steel sheets and using a number of the SUVs and vans parked in the compound as mobile weights which you can reinforce the gates. The vehicles will keep the gates blocked in cases of massed attack (or even a raid by rogue survivors) but you can also move them in case you have to bring in vehicles into the compound. However, be careful if you do use a flame thrower on top of the guardhouse as we all know what happens when someone becomes careless with a flame near parked cars.

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