Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zombie Contingency Plan: Manila (Part 3)


Location of your Defense Ground-- or the areas around it-- is important because you will need materials and supply during a zombie apocalypse. Therefore, keep in mind where to find the important materiel. These include: easily-preserved food (like canned goods), water and liquids, weapons and ammunition, medicine, building supply, vehicles and gasoline, and light supply (like storm lamps, oil, matches, etc.). In other words, you'll need to know where you'll get your survivalist equipment.

Whether or not you will stay in the city during the zombie apocalypse, you will still need material and supplies. Before, during and after the zombie rising, mark those areas where you can immediately grab the most number of material and supplies. For example, in the Ortigas area, you can raid malls like SM Megamall, Edsa Shangrila Mall and Robinson Galleria Mall for your food and equipment. You can also get weapons and ammunition at the weapons shops in SM Megamall (at the top floor) and Robinson Galleria Mall (at the 2nd or 3rd floor, near the hobby shops). There are also weapons shops at the basement of Makati Cinema Square and at the outskirts of the Cubao commercial areas.

If you need a quick raid for food supplies, Ortigas is also a good choice given the number of 7-11 and Ministop convenience stories at every corner. (Packs of cigarettes will also come in handy to keep you awake and destressed. Liquor like whiskey also serves as good explosives though watch out you don't get caught in your own blast!) And if you need more weapons, remember that police stations are your friends-- unless the police have already carted away the firearms for their own protection.

However, what's important to remember during a zombie apocalypse is that you'll need vehicles to keep you mobile to gather your supplies or to serve as escape options. Bicycles and motorcycles will keep you moving light and fast but you'll need some form of protection. You can use SUVs or vans, something large but with added engine power. Buses with added protection are also good; have a blowtorch handy to add metal sheets, gun ports and barbwire. Don't know how to use it? Learn fast.

What's interesting to note that some of the secondhand automobile lots that sell imported vehicles in Ortigas also offer bulletproof vehicles with high-powered engines. The lot beside Tektite Tower has a number of them being offered. Learn also how to hotwire vehicles on the more than likely chance that you won't be able to find the keys to start these machines.

And obviously, remember where all the gas stations are. You definitely won't get anywhere if you don't have gasoline in your fuel tank. In addition to this, know what kind of gasoline your vehicle: unleaded, premium or diesel. It's a bitch to find a mechanic during the zombie apocalypse who can fix your engine if you flood it with the wrong kind of gasoline. (Gasoline can also serve as good fuel for your explosives.)

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