Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Shots of a Reluctant Traveler#4: Prague

1. The Lord of Time and Space lives in Prague, hidden in plain sight. It ruled all the clocks in the world, and some in others.

2. What is a memorial if people don't understand what is being remembered?

3. The two agents walked away from the past and into the present, not knowing that the future was watching them carefully. In a three-way war that involves Time, there are no civilians and there are no innocents. In a war that involves Time, everyone must choose a side.

4. One day, he woke up to find a river outside his apartment window. In this city-- like the streets-- even the rivers snake silently through the night to find their place in the sun.
5. Evil doesn't last forever. Even the historical Black Duke's feared torture tower has become a tourist attraction in this city.

6. I hate zombie apocalypse stories. The way they keep showing up in different stories, they remind me so much of flash mobs in fiction.

7. I was surprised to find out someone had kept an old tool of my trade and stuck it in an exhibit. As they say, old executioners never die, they just become HR consultants.

8. I could never figure out what I invented. But adding the spikes to it made it look cool.

9. He was chagrined. In his world, portals had power. He was amazed that this world had so much of it but everyone seemed to ignore what they had.

10. Mario finally escaped his prison but found himself lost in the wide, wide world where everything seemed too real for him.

11. He looked at the bridge, where he had last seen her. He wished he had said all the things that was inside him, but had just expressed as a sigh.

12. For each lock, two hearts had come together and promised to stay with each other. One would wish it were enough.

13. Ah, young love-- or young hearts in love. They scrawl their promises to each other, laughing as they do, not afraid of the future but only hoping to stay in the present forever.

14. As the sun set on the city, he lit his last cigarette. He had to buy another pack before he went out again to hunt the monsters that roamed the night.

15. The future was laid out before him, a future of running, of hiding in a mediocre, grey world where no one knew him and he knew nobody. This was his city and all the cities that he would eventually visit were all his.


Dominique Gerald Cimafranca said...

Cool trip! Looked like it was a lot of fun.

banzai cat said...

yeah tiring but fun, as we used to write in our grade school papers. cold, too!