Monday, December 31, 2012

Writing at the Edge of the World

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So this December 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world. As far as I'm seeing, either this reality is the old world that survived or a new one that's taken its place. 

Coming back after 5 months of enforced absence from blogging, I see evidence of my old world here in this blog. It's like coming back home after a disaster has struck and all you see of your house are broken windows, scattered chairs and tables, and all your precious things lying askew. 

In a sense, blogging again after so long is like coming home after the end of the world. And, like the saying goes, you realize that you can't really go home again. In the aftermath of such an event, you have to make another one to replace the one that was lost. 

I'm exaggerating, yes, but isn't the act of writing a form of creation as well? Every time I write, I create a world where my words can ground itself, a setting where my writing can place itself. In this case, for the past decade, this blog had been my universe where I created worlds. 

Maybe this is the reason why writing is hard for me: because every time I write-- whether it's a book review, an essay, in a literal sense with a short story, or even just ad copy and content-- I create worlds where the reader can "see" the context where my words have meaning.  

(Which makes me realize: what happens to universes whose creators have left? Or is that an all-too obvious metaphor? I digress.)

This blog has been my home for the past decade and I'm ashamed to leave it untended for so long due to time, work and other considerations like Life happening. Hopefully this time for the year 2013 (and the years after) I'll be able to stay longer. 

And if you've been a regular visitor to my place, I hope you'll come back to see new things I'll put in my blog and enjoy reading what I've written. As e.e. cummings wrote, "Listen; there's a hell of a good universe next door: let's go."  

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