Sunday, January 19, 2014

PAID POST: Grammarly Keeps You Original

It may be strange for me to admit that I can do paid posts. But then again, if it's a good product, why not? And to be honest, I like the idea that there are anti-plagiarism services like these keeping us writers and those who write honest. Think about it: it would be easy to avoid doing a Sotto if some staff writers had done their job properly. (YOU JUST HAD ONE JOB, DAMMIT.)

So: yes, I've tried out and would recommend Grammarly's plagiarism checker-- free of charge, which is always nice-- because it's never a good thing to be a Senator of the Republic and be caught plagiarizing from bloggers in today's Internet Age. Just. No. Seriously.

What, you don't think the Internet is watching what you say? If you don't, then you have another think coming.

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