Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Zombies, they freak me out

(Pic from here.)

... or so Dennis Hopper's character proclaims in the movie Land of the Dead. Which is why I had to write my own zombie story.

Fortunately, after some fretful waiting, my story, "Remembering the Nameless Dead", is now out in Playboy (Ph) Magazine's November-December issue and in magazines racks. I was expecting this last November and then December. Yes, I know it's already January. But what can you do?

Some readers may note that certain passages in the story will be familiar. In a sense, I took all the zombie flash fiction I've been doing and mashed it up into one story. Weirdly enough, they all fit together.

What's it all about? It's about how the zombies are actually good metaphors for the economic divide in third world countries. Or you could just say it's what happens after the rest of the world put down the zombie outbreak.

What's nice is that if I consider this story published in the latter half of 2010, I can put a lid to my current writing practices and create a new one for 2011 and up. After all, I've already got 13 published stories and I might as well improve. Change or die, right?

(Here's the cover just in case you missed it.)

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