Thursday, February 19, 2004

The Grand Entrance

As the age-old, oft-repeated question goes... what's with the new look?

Well, I was getting bored-- and boring-- with the blog.

Let's face it, I really didn't have much to say considering how limited my topics were on the blog. I wanted to use this blog to get a little writing exercise (i.e. force myself to write) but writing about writing and reading doesn't really hold a candle to the actual activity.

So I figured, I might as well write about other stuff.

The way I see it, I'm in a unique position where I am. Despite my being stuck 9 hours in an office, I'm rather well-informed of the world both inside and outside the internet. With my network access and position as online news editor, I have a pretty good view of what's happening outside my office without my stepping a foot in that direction. You want to talk about the issue of FPJ's citizenship? The upcoming May national circus-- er, elections? The spread of the avian virus? The Friendster phenomenon? The question of whether Kris Aquino should allow Joey Marquez a handle on her son, Josh? I probably have a good idea about it.

Besides, it's a dangerous world outside. Why would I want to leave my air-conditioned office for that? Ugh.

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