Friday, February 27, 2004

A Philosophical Question, part 2

Hahaha! I forgot to mention last night had non-philosophical question-and-answer periods. Witness the re-edited version (courtesy of ayn):

Last night:

Ayn: Have you had sex with other women?
Me: No.
Ayn: You watch porn flicks?
Me: No.
Ayn: Pag nanunuod ka ng movies, how do you react to the bed scenes?
Me: I just end up thinking, "where's the action?"

Sorry Joey. Sapakan nalang tayo.

I almost fell off my chair with that one!

And yes, I did forget to mention that Ayn brought Trista the babester (in more than one meaning, right Ayn?) to Sarah's. The little tyke kept running around the whole place, sending alcoholic drinkers scattering like bewildered pigeons.

I exaggerate but it was still fun watching her.

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