Thursday, March 11, 2004

A Note from the Librarian

Just a clarification: my reading material on the right side of the blog seems to be growing because of... um, complications over my reading style.

Presently, I'm breezing through David Gemmell's White Wolf after getting stuck with Stephen King's Wizard and Glass for quite some time. I don't know why I'm stuck; I'm just am.

However, Gemmell's book wasn't the first distraction. I started reading Roger Zelazney's Chronicles of Amber but got sidetracked when my SO ran out of things to read so I had to lend her this. While waiting, I'm also perusing my SO's copy (my gift to her) of Guy Gavriel Kay's Last Light of the Sun.

Lastly, I retired HP Lovecraft's The Best of HP Lovecraft after reading a tale and half. I'll get into all of 'em, never fear.

Lastly: Fuck. I'm starting to worry because this blog is becoming a numerative list of the books I've bought. I really have to stop buying so much...

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