Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Out of the Cave

Well, we finally moved at the office to a new room slightly larger and well-lighted than the old one. Cleaner, too, with larger desk spaces and dividers separating work areas.

Our old office was a pretty cramped number, with loads of computers, the television and the radio, a big airconditioner that conked out every now and then and some cabinets-- all jammed into one room. It also didn't help that half the room lights were busted and the door knob had broken off.

Of course, we're now sharing space with the MIS department's tech section (adjacent and connected to the main MIS room) but that's okay since the room's pretty big. At the same time, it'll bring us closer to the MIS people. After all, as an internet website firm, we're pretty much dependent on their aid when shit happens.

Hehehe. Easier to call, "Fire in the hole!", during lunchbreak when it comes to that...

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