Friday, April 16, 2004

The Pinoy Strikes Again!

Anak ng tinapa!

Remember my earlier problems with a virus in my computer? Well, I managed to clean it up by installing a Norton anti-virus program (my McAfee proving worthless in updating its files). However, it still left me with the problem with cleaning my girlfriend's PC, from which I got the virus originally.

Unfortunately, updating the Norton program in her computer proved to be futile since it knew there was a virus in the computer but it couldn't get it out via the usual methods of clean/ quarantine/ delete.

So: a friend of mine suggested that I look it up in the Internet and I came up with this from the Sophos website:

W32/Aidid-A is an overwriting virus that overwrites all files on the floppy drive. The extension .EXE will be added to all overwritten files.


At the time of writing, Sophos has received just one report of this virus from the wild.

However, what blew my mind was the last part of the virus analysis report:

W32/Aidid-A may also attempt to create a file on the floppy drive called i.did. This file contains the text "<----- BUTI NGA SAYO! ----->".

I wonder if non-Pinoys know what the above means. And I also hope the creator of this virus has his balls rot off and eaten by dogs, that fucking shit-head.

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