Thursday, April 01, 2004

Thursday Redux

As usual, I feel like something a cat dragged out of the sewer.

This morning, I'm tired, lacking sleep, hungry, my tummy is off due to two glasses of rum-coke last night... what else is new for mid-week blues?

One consequence of this crappy month (as well as a shitty week) is that I haven't blogged since last week. Not that I haven't got anything to write, just no time. No push either since I feel so exhausted.

Lemme see. The highlights of the HellSpawned Day that was Last Tuesday:

1. My home computer got a virus and my anti-virus system (McAfee) is seriously way out of date.

2. I came in early that day since it was color-coding (6 a.m.) but eventually found out they lifted it due to the jeepney strike.

3. I had to rush a job for my girlfriend and it was almost seriously fucked up because of the virus and trying to figure out this scan-to-text program at the office to beat the virus thing.

4. After having some dinner and drinks at Eastwood with my girlfriend that night, the restaurant told us that they were having problems with their credit card machine and I thought we would up washing dishes since I had no cash at all.

5. This one book I saw in A Different Bookstore was gone after I decided to get it.

6. I'm still catching up my zzzs from Monday (since I didn't sleep at all prior to Tuesday).

Fuck. At least payday has come and I don't have to worry about money for a while.

Exeunt, stage right, chased by a big mug of hot coffee.

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