Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Crap Week

Damned hell of a way to start the week.

First of all, on a personal note, the fifth puppy still alive out of five siblings, Tika, has contracted hepatitis that's now in the advance stages. The veterinarian notes that she may not last the day.

Fuck, these pups were born under a bad star.

Second, I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, a position in a magazine which I applied for on a whim and on the personal recommendation of my girlfriend's sister. I'm of two minds about this (my current job is okay though a bit low-paying) so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Third, I've been assigned to create a list of songs for a wedding reception I'm attending this weekend so I've been pretty busy to blog or write anything else.

Anyway, as promised, here are some robot sites I've found on the web that bear perusing: Victorian-Era Robots and Space-Age Robots.

Wala lang.

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