Friday, June 18, 2004

Random Blog Surfings

Another interesting article on blogs, this time (no pun intended) by Time magazine: Meet Joe Blog

What makes blogs so effective? They're free. They catch people at work, at their desks, when they're alert and thinking and making decisions. Blogs are fresh and often seem to be miles ahead of the mainstream news. Bloggers put up new stuff every day, all day, and there are thousands of them.

(Courtesy of bookslut.)

And here's an article on the possible threat of cell phone viruses: First mobile phone virus created

Because the worm requires Bluetooth technology to travel, it is geographically constrained to a radius of about 30 metres. Then it is dependent on someone having Bluetooth turned on within that range. And as a final blow to its progress, any unsuspecting phone user in the vicinity would have to accept the virus which would be preceded by a warning that the source of the file is unknown.

(Courtesy of Cheryl Morgan.)


And on the local front, I've finally got my car back from the shop. Whew!

I still have some blog ideas to post, including a couple of robot websites and a book review (as a paean to JP's excellent reviews), but it's the weekend and I got to go.

And as a signature sign-offs go, this one's good: Wala lang. ;-)

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