Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Blogging is Hell

Well, I was supposed to have related picking up
Kalpa Imperial on my blog last Monday. Unfortunately, the internet at the office was on the blink literally (i.e. service would go up and down in a few seconds) that day. I got little work done because of that. Thank god, the email service was still breathing so I still managed to get the wire reports out.

(Huh, despite the fact that we're using a lease line here in the office, I probably would have gotten more work done at home where I have a personal dial-up. At least today it's working properly.)

The funny thing about Monday was that I found out fantasist agitator Gabe Chouinard had mentioned me and JP in his blog:

You should be reading criminalenglish - live, a nicely insightful sff-ish blog.

You should also be reading The Grin Without a Cat.

So sayeth I.

Aaagggh... and me without cleaning up a bit first around here. *Sigh* One of these days I'll relate here how I found out about Gabe, became his fanatical acolyte, and became disillusioned enough to finally respect him and what he's doing.

Anyway, here's to Gabe and his legions out to change the world of speculative fiction: Mabuhay!

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