Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Traffic is Hell

This is a post about two traffic accidents.

One is technically not an accident. The other is well and truly an accident. One story has a happy ending. The other doesn't.

On the 1st accident: I was driving myself to work last Monday morning on Julia Vargas street on my way out to the EDSA main thoroughfare. While slowly turning right to EDSA on the said street-- a busy corner-- I found myself fighting to maintain my position with a white van on my left who was intent to squeeze me out of my lane. (I was on the outermost side.)

Unfortunately, I was so intent with the white van that I didn't see a motorcylist come up on my right and I accidentally tagged him with my bumper. Fortunately, since all the vehicles were crawling into EDSA at a snail's pace, it wasn't so bad and I didn't really hurt him. But it was still a close call.

The rider immediately got off his motorcycle and started haranguing me. Still caught up in a pique over the fight with the van (who had driven off), I also got out my car with guns blazing. However, in the heat of the moment, the rider reminded me that it really was my fault that I hit him and I should at least apologize.

I was taken aback at that.

After all, he was right so I admitted that I was sorry. True enough, the guy was nice enough to let the accident go. We then parted on amicable terms and rode off on our separate ways.

Good thing that things hadn't degenerated and I hadn't completely lost my temper not to see his point. I swear: road rage-- whether mine or another's-- will eventually be the death of me.


The 2nd accident occured Tuesday morning:

(taken from the police report)

State your name and pertinent details about you: ___ ___, 29, male
What vehicle were you driving: 1996 Mitsubishi Pajero
What was the other party driving: Anfra Jeep
Where and when did the accident occur: Kamias street, 9:45 a.m., July 13
Relate the details of the accident:
I was driving from Pasig City and was on EDSA. I made a right into Kamias street and stayed on the inner most lane. However, a van (with license plate UFG 108) situated on my right suddenly swerved left to my lane to make a u-turn. To avoid being hit by the van, I swerved to my left, crossing into the opposing lane. I lost control of my vehicle, swerving once to the right back to my lane and then once more to the left before colliding headfirst with the Anfra on the opposite lane.


The crazy thing about that second accident was that, as I was trying to regain control of the vehicle-- as I realized that I was in a very serious and dangerous situation where I could probably die-- all I could of think was that: I shouldn't get the Pajero damaged.

You see, the Pajero I was driving wasn't mine-- I borrowed it from my Mom that day. So just when most people in my situation would probably have their lives flashing before their eyes, my thought was that my Mom would kill me if I get the Pajero wrecked.

Which I did. After all, running headfirst into another vehicle has a serious tendency to alter major components of your own vehicle.

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