Monday, July 05, 2004

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

Interesting essay on the concept of taste tribes:

It happens because minds think alike – great minds, lesser minds, minds that really love Jean-Luc Godard or Kenneth Cole or the booming garage-rock scene. The Russian lap dancer who links to my ninth drunken review of Nebraska is likely to be someone whose tastes I instinctively get.... If she likes Nebraska, she probably likes the Cowboy Junkies. She might read Flannery O'Connor (whose short stories heavily influenced Springsteen when he was recording the album). If she doesn't, I can suggest these media to her. And in return, she can turn me on to some vastly beautiful and eminently depressing Ukrainian alternative country band that I would never, ever have come in contact with otherwise. She is another member of my taste tribe and we can introduce each other via our links to others like us.

Courtesy of s1ngularity and the Live Journal of Warren Ellis.

Wala lang.

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