Monday, July 05, 2004

A Review of The Filthy Monkey

And speaking of Ellis, here's a nice overview of all of Ellis' works by Claude Lalumière in Locus Online.

Kind of like a primer or an introduction to Ellis, Lalumière notes the comic book writer's signature themes include:

...information overload; cynical, burnt-out adventurers with hidden streaks of compassion and even sentimentality; the erosion of conventional societal taboos; posthuman technology run amok; a dysfunctional relationship between, on the one hand, human consciousness and, on the other, technology and culture; the exploration of the inherent contradictions of transhuman philosophy; protagonists with substance addiction problems; an urgent desire for utopia in the face of overwhelming dystopian trends; and an outrageously extreme sense of humour.

And if you check out all of Ellis' websites, you can see that it's all true. (And his The Filthy Monkey Plans idea is just great!)

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