Wednesday, July 07, 2004

People are Sheep

Good grief.

This was my thought as I was driving to work today. On the radio, two commentators were talking about the hottest book to hit the shelves, Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. They also mentioned how people were so engrossed reading this book that supposedly revealed the secrets of the Roman Catholic Church.

Grrr. Talk about hitting a nerve.

These people should get their facts straight and read Holy Blood, Holy Grail first. So should those mass of readers who think that the ideas behind The Da Vinci Code are God-given truths (ironic though that statement may be).

As a reviewer for states about Holy Blood, Holy Grail:

The authors' point here is not to compromise or to demean Jesus, but to offer another, more complete perspective of Jesus as God's incarnation in man....For all the sensationalism and hoopla surrounding Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the alternate history that it outlines, the authors are careful to keep their perspective and sense of skepticism alive in its pages, explaining carefully and clearly how they came to draw such combustible conclusions.

At the same time, people should remember that Dan Brown is writing fiction. It's all speculative, goddammit.

(I've actually tried to read The Da Vinci Code. However, I couldn't get through the first fifty pages because of its clumsy prose and awkward story-telling. Hey, I'm a forgiving reader but it was that bad.)

Wala lang.

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