Friday, July 09, 2004

That Iraq Hostage Thing

It's all over the news today but Rhoch puts it nicely.

My heart bleeds for the hostage. My head aches for the stupidity of the terrorists' action. For crissakes, where's the sympathy for seizing and threatening to behead an average schmo trying to earn a pittance in a foreign country so that his family can survive until their next meal?

It's not like he was a contractor (like American Nicholas Berg) or a translator (like South Korean Kim Sun-Il). Fuck, the guy's just a truck driver.

And why are Filipinos being taken hostage? Do we have, like, a bulleye's target on our workers in Iraq saying "Take me hostage" now?


*I would have elaborated this post into an 'idiocy-of-giving-into-demands-of-terrorists, etc" kind of diatribe. However, my hunger has presently reduced my brain into a quivering mass of jelly...

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