Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Bibliophile's Lament

And I thought I knew everything.

It's no secret that I'm an unrepentant book-hunter. As the Latin saying on the top of my blog goes, Libri quosdam ad sciéntiam. Álios ad insaniam deduxére.

And it's true: I have this urge to visit all the book sources in the city-- or else go bonkers with curiosity. Hell, I figured I've been through all the crooks and cranny of this city in the search for books. Been there, done that. Read the book, watched the movie. Yadayadayada.

So it was a surprise for me to see a bookstore in the new Market, Market mall in Fort Bonifacio called Libris.

What's annoying for me was that this wasn't a new bookstore. A little research on the 'Net told me this shop, originally based in Paranaque, started out in 2001 and has had branches in Makati and in Robinsons East near Marcos Highway.

(I say this in the past tense because when I visited yesterday, the Libris shopkeeper told me that they had to shut down all their other stores in order to open up this one. But I digress...)

Anyway, I also found a hardbound copy of Michael Swanwick's Jack Faust here: a reworking of Goethe's tale of a man in search for complete knowledge and his subsequent damnation.

Hmmm... why does that sound familiar?

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