Friday, September 17, 2004

Last Post on Blogging...

...kind of.

Anyway, here's a nice article by Maud Newton on blogging:

I awoke three hours later and hustled off to my day job. Scanning the news sites and Web logs to see what I’d missed, I slapped up three more posts and read through sixty new email messages before my boss appeared at the door.

“Do you have that article for me yet?” she asked.

In a single motion, I minimized Internet Explorer, opened the appropriate database and rooted around for the case she’d assigned me the previous afternoon. I hadn’t even looked at it. “Almost,” I said, “but not quite. It’s more complicated than I thought.”

I may flout office conventions more than most, but the majority of the bloggers I follow also spend a significant chunk of their workdays updating their sites. A friend who’s the proprietor of the popular blog The Minor Fall, The Major Lift (TMFTML, for short) told the New York Observer last fall, “I’m actually curious as to what people did in offices before the Internet. My theory is that every job only requires about thirty minutes of hard work a day and the rest is bullshit.” He may be exaggerating, but only slightly. For those lacking corporate ambition, who are unfulfilled by office chatter and obsessive about subjects unrelated to their work, blogs are a good way to fill company downtime.

Hehehe. I can relate to that. (Courtesy of Joe Bloggs.)

Anyway, that's all folks! Happy weekend!

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