Thursday, October 28, 2004

Four Days and Counting...

... 'Til NanoBloMo-- er, NaNoWriMo I mean-- starts.

As it is, I'm still not yet sure if I should join (despite my friend Aljay's latest exhortations for me to start my book still ringing in my ears after a month). Hell, I don't even know what I'll write about!

I suppose something culturally-related might be best. As Michael Swanwick says in a pertinent essay here:

Your culture - that which makes you distinct and individual - is the most valuable thing a writer owns. And in science fiction the future belongs to those who write from the heart of their own difference. Not the guy who's trying to rewrite Robert Heinlein for the umpteenth time. But the woman sitting in Helsinki with a strange light in her eye. Writing in Finnish with really good translation programs running on her Toshiba laptop and her Nokia cell phone. (italics mine as usual)

As can be seen, Dean and Joey are doing something that are-- er, locally-oriented would be my guess. And though I have some ideas, I'm not sure if they're good for a 50,000 effort.

Ah well, just whining. That and I'm been too lazy to come up with posts this week. Probably continue my book reviews next week...

(And no, I'm not playing hard-to-get about the writing stuff. I actually just wanted to put up that great quote by Swanwick. The Blogging Mind works in mysterious ways.)

Wala lang.

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