Friday, November 05, 2004

25 Days More


Not really updating this blog since I'm trying to write a novel here.

But honestly, a lot is riding on this committment of mine to finish 50,000 words in... what, 25 days? (This also includes completing a number of short stories.)

One is that I can actually say that I finished something I promised: in this case, a number of stories (not withstanding the editing and revisions it'll go through after).

The other is that by the end of the month, I'll be hitting the big three-zero.

30 in 30. Yep, it's a big motherfucking cloud hanging over my head (if you pardon my french). Because of that milestone-- though it feels more like a millstone-- I have to ensure that everything I've done within the last three to four years has been justified.

I first took up this job what feels a millennia ago here because: (a) I wanted to get out of the corporate life which was driving me insane and making me feel incompetent; and (b) I wanted to practice my writing. (And the internet was free, natch.)

In any case, being a writer/editor for an internet news site has helped a lot in that it helped me gain confidence in my writing. It also gave me insight in that I have still have a lot to learn (and do) before I can call myself a writer. (Without feeling like appending the word "wannabe" in front of it, that is.)

In other words, writing takes practice, practice, practice.

Okay, plus a lot of cigarettes and coffee.

Unfortunately, I've always known that this was a dead-end job-- there's nowhere to go up the hierarchy since we're a small company.

And now that I'm reaching my set landmark date, I'm ready to move on-- whether as a writer, a boyfriend, a son, a brother or just a plain human being.

Now I know what women feel like when they talk about their biological clock ticking...

[Interlude done]

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