Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Walking on the beach...

Despite the commercialism of the area, at least all the businesses here are small-time and run by the residents of the island. Ironically, one of the big battles facing the residents is the establishment of large fast-food stores like McDonald's and Jollibee here.

But who can blame them? Eve, our friend here, actually requested I bring her a Big Mac and KFC chicken all the way from Manila because she missed the damned things. (Well, she had been gone from the big bad city for almost two months now.)

Still, once we were there, it seemed like all our troubles disappeared. We lounged on the beach the whole day, swam a bit during the hot part of the day, ate like pigs (lobster and crab! lots of pasta!) and caught up on our reading. Ahhh... beach bum forever.

At nights, of course, we checked out the famous night scene here but we really weren't up for the drink-til-you're-puking-drunk parties. Getting old, I guess.

Still, like I keep telling [identity-protected] when going on vacations like these: "You don't have to do anything. You're on vacation."

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