Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A vision of paradise...

Here are some pictures of our Boracay vacation. I know this was last month but hell, took me a while to have the pictures developed because I had to finish the roll of film.

Anyway, we were lucky enough to arrive at the island just as the sun was starting to shine. Eve, a friend who had recently transferred there, told us that it was raining the week before. (She was also the one who clued me in to the 50% off in plane fare. Ditto to the 500 buck per night lodgings.)

Likewise, our timing was also right as it was off-season at the time. Not too many people but enough so that it didn't feel so lonely.

Heh, once we got there, there was no thought in our mind but to head for the sand for some fun in the sun. (Did I mention the weather was fantastic? The sun was blaring overhead but it wasn't that hot since there was a nice wind blowing in from the sea.)

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