Monday, February 21, 2005

It's getting crowded here...

Good thing the bay of Kite Beach had a pretty large area. Imagine, 10-15 kiteboarders ominously zooming around with a like number of windsailers doing their impression of tiny snowspeeders against the elephantine AT-AT machines in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

As you can see from the pic itself, the water is nothing spectacular: a lot of seaweed though I think it was due to the season of the year. However, the bay is pretty shallow, coming up to the thigh during high tide and the knee during low tide. But it stretches pretty far. See the lighter shade of the water? That's how far the shallow part of the beach stretches and that's basically the stage being used by the kiteboarders and windsailers.

But considering how the kiteboarders have to take into account not to get themselves tangled with their fellow kiters at the same time avoiding the windsailers... well, I'm still amazed nobody crashed into anybody during the six days I was there.

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