Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Guerilla Blogging

The internet still holding? Great.

As a riff on Dean's guerilla writing (great writing advice, check it out!), here's some interesting stuff I scanned over the 'net and in my life while the connection's good.

  • I haven't posted my impressions of the i-blog summit last Saturday but suffice to say, it was an experience coming out of the cold of blogging anonymity. What stuck in my mind though was the fact the irreverent Dean and the incomparable Jonas Diego first thought that the banzai cat was-- *gasp*-- a girl? Aaarrggh! (And if you like online comics, check out Jonas' Lord of the Rings parody and Fify-Peso Ninja. Funny stuff.)
  • I mentioned to forgottenmachine a couple of comments back about one of the best local short stories I've ever read: Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez, a 1925 short story that gave birth to modern Philippine writing in English. On a whim, I checked google and came up with this site that had the story online. The site also has a lot of Filipino stories online. Personally, I don't like much of current local fiction but I can definitely say local writers of yester yore have my respect.
  • In international news, I found this: The 1st Annual Reading the World project. As their site states, the project is "...an exciting collaboration between booksellers and publishers to help introduce literature from around the world to readers like yourself." I've always been partial to spec-fic books from around the world and hopefully, there's a chance some of them will head towards this direction.

  • Speaking of translations, ever tried H.P. Lovecraft in Japanese? How about: Lairs of the Hidden Gods, Volume 1: Night Voices, Night Journeys, an anthology of Japanese horror writers dipping their ink into the Cthulu mythos. Say what? Japanese. Horror. Writers. And no, I don't think this involves 'tentacle-porn', you sick perverts.
  • I still have a soft spot for Image Comics as their stuff managed to convince me give comics a try again in college oh-so many years ago. So when I found out they have some freebie stuff online (operative word: free!) I decided to check them out.

Up next: The 15-Minute Theatre!

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