Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This is 15-Minutes: Lady Luck

Damn, this is hard.

It's been some time since I've done an installment of 15-minutes stories starring my high school friends. Call me a perfectionist, but I just can't do a story that won't do justice to them.

Case in point: I thought of a story for this friend and actually wrote it already. It involved tentacle-porn. Subsequently, I trashed the post and went back to writing other things.

At the very least, I gotta respect the subject matter, right? Which is why I'm having a hard time trying to write the next installment correctly. So I tried out again. Hope this one works.

Huh. The things I do for my art (and my friends)...

When Miko S___ was a child, a diwata fell in love with him.

Nobody knew how or why this happened. Nobody knew its presence was even there. But like a shadowy guardian angel, it hovers over his shoulder, constant as the moon sits opposite the sun.

"Hoy! Miko where you been? It's already midnight! We've been drinking ourselves dry waiting for you!"

“Late again as always.”

“Heh. Sorry guys. Had work eh.”

"Work daw. He probably had a date again."

"Why should that be a surprise? Girls fall for him everytime. Miko's the man!"

Most define diwatas as fairies, earth-sprites, elementals. Primarily a forest-dweller, this one was an incongruous sight in the cities of Man.

Not a few of the remaining trees in the cities choke (if a tree can choke) at the sight of an unbound spirit attached to a mere mortal like a cat’s tail.

"I’m telling you guys, I had work to do in the office."

"You’re a lousy liar, Miko. I heard from my girlfriend that you went on a date she set up for you earlier."

"Ohhh. Heh. But it wasn't like that! We're just friends."

"So all of your previous dates were with friends, too, eh?"

The diwata is lovely in appearance. For those with the second sight, she appears as a vision of a child/ small woman standing next to Miko. Ironically, the diwata’s features are blurred but those with the sight will staunchly say that the spirit is heartbreakingly beautiful.

"Huh. Looks like that girl at the next table keeps looking over our way."

"Our way? You mean she keeps looking at Miko!"

"Hay. How do you do it, man?"

"Someone once told me it's because he's a good listener."

"Miko...? Naaah!"

The diwata can't help but love Miko, but he doesn't even know she exists.

That’s why when the diwata sighs, pining away, all the girls can't help but fall for him.

Hmmm. I always wanted to do something like this: a haunted love story.

(Caveat: I actually tried to publish this post yesterday but blocks-- both internet and mental-- prevented me from doing so.)

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