Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Random Thoughts for the Day

Visions of Mortality

I'm a bit worried about today.

Given how fate has a tendency to wrap things up nicely, I'm thinking I should be extra careful today considering this is the last day of my 30th year of existence. Oh, I know I'm probably being paranoid (a product of a writer's overactive imagination) but then again, I've heard enough stories about people not reaching a certain number of years. So why not the 31st year, right? At least it's nice and tidy.

For example, I don't have my car today so I had to use the train to get to work. What's to stop the local trains from having their first derailment disaster ever? Or how about a stray bullet from an amuck security guard at the office? Several years ago, a security guard had stabbed his fellow guard right inside the office building. The wounded guard had managed to limp-- complete with blood trail-- to the cafeteria before he collapsed. Of course I hadn't clocked in yet at that time but still...


While at the train station, I saw a number of people converging on piles of a tabloid-like newspaper like hungry zombies at the mall. Granted the newspaper was free, it made me wonder why people were so adamant about trying to procure a copy considering it was mostly stuffed with ads and pseudo-ads (disguised as they were as newspaper articles). Do people really read this piss-poor seeming of a newspaper?

At least I can understand it if people read real tabloids-- all the reports of rapes and shootings and robberies maybe bad for them but at least they get an idea of what's happening in the world and not just about this beauty contest winner who rides the train and uses brand x for her deodorant.


State of Economy

I don't have money. I want money. I neeeeeed money, dammit.

Thank God tomorrow's payday. Talk about flying by the seat of your pants.

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