Monday, December 05, 2005

Disclaimer and Other Bits

*sound of crickets*

Kinda quiet in here, eh? Anyway, I skipped town last Wednesday and, together with [identity-protected], spent the day in the balmy climes of Tagaytay as I didn't really want to make much about my birthday. After all, year 31 isn't a special number-- I don't feel older nor wiser. Just a whole lot of tired.

Likewise, I'm getting a bit embarrassed the fact that a number of people have linked to me because I do occasionally do SFF book reviews. So where are the reviews, you may ask? Lazy ole bum, that's me. Suffice to say, expect this week to be chock-full of reviews. No more me carping about this and that. Harrumph. Enough said on that.

In other news, Fully-Booked has finally come out with the details about the contest they're sponsoring with Neil Gaiman's blessings. Details here. Geez, talk about cutting it close. Two months? What's more surprising is that the bookshop finally has a website. Though I wish they didn't used jpeg images for their text as I had a hard time printing out the rules and guidelines of the contest.

(Thanks to anansi girl for the link.)

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