Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You Know You're In Trouble When the Lock Combination Keeps Coming Up with 6-6-6

I woke today with a hairball in my throat, a slight fever, and an ache in my joints. I wouldn't say that I was sick as a dog, more like a whining puppy. What was strange was that though I felt off last night, I didn't think that I'd come down with anything the next day.

However, a glance at andrew's journal reminded me that today is 06-06-06, which of course is a highly significant number in the Devil's book. So, if we add this to what my boss texted me this morning-- that A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE ALSO FALLING SICK due to the weather-- then it can only mean one thing:

It's zombie-time! Aieee!

(At least one consolation I have is that I'll probably turn into a zombie first before all of you people and I won't have to face being eaten for my brains. *sigh*)

*Picture taken from this site. Real funny stuff there, too.


forgottenmachine said...

And this morning, our local currency to the dollar was R6.66

Oh well, I could do with some excitement this morning.

roanne said...

whoa! i just remember this movie which is about to be shown (or now showing) entitled "omen". okay, it's the same old story that wears me out--end of the world, the anti-Christ regime thingy.

can't just filmakers focus on the brighter (spiritual boosting) side of life instead of the hellish totally freaking-me-out genres?

banzai cat said...

forgottenmachine: Eh. Any excitement and I could lose my breakfast. Bleargh. *sigh*

roanne: Hah. Because the brighter side of life doesn't make for good storytelling? After all, nobody does too many "Field of Dreams" kinds of movies.

roanne said...

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banzai cat said...

Heh, okay lemme look into it. Though gotta give me a bit o' time. Us cats are technophobic like that. Which explains why you don't see too many cats with palm pilots. (That and nobody's come out with paw pilots either!) ;-)