Monday, October 02, 2006

Back with a Vengeance

Yes! We have internet again!

Thanks to the storm, our internet both in the office and at home were knocked out. Of course we also didn't have electricity at home for a couple of days (the office was always fluctuating) but that goes without saying.

What was fun was the fact that the eye of the storm actually passed near my office, its path being through Manila Bay. Sheesh.

Good thing to know that over the weekend, everything had returned more or less back to normal-- including the weather, which has turned bloody hot and humid again. As you can see, the sky's a bright-blue with lovely white clouds, good for a dip at the beach. *sigh*

It's weird but it always get my blood running when events like these happen-- whether it's a back-breaking storm or a coup or two. Something about breaking the humdrum of everyday living methinks. It's bad of me to think that, I know, but there's something to be said about the exhiliration when the event breaks and I'm sitting in front of the keyboard at the office. Like being at the top of the watchtower with a view of miles before me.

And there's also being able to drive around the metro without having to contend with the traffic. While everyone scurries home or to shelter due to the storm, I was on my way to work. Hah! I spit on your hurricane-strong winds!

Anyway, hope all of you guys and girls are doing well. *winks*

(Expect visitors by the way as I'm a bit lazy to post at the moment. Well, that and I'm currently trying to finish a story.)


skinnyblackcladdink said...

just make sure you're spitting downwind...

banzai cat said...

Hehe thank goodness I wasn't pissing when I did... ;-)

Rhochie said...

Hehe, you know what's weird? When the generator at home kicked in right after the main was cut, the DSL was still up but the phone itself had no dial-tone. Go figure.

Power was restored at around 3am Friday. But damn, no cable until around noon.

banzai cat said...

Good for you. Bloody power was cut that night but the elevator was still running. However, the next day they cut the elevator because the generator were so old that they couldn't take it.

The past heavy rains haven't also been good for the elevator. Last Monday's rain flooded the elevator well and they had to shut it down again just as I got home, dammit.

(At least I live only on the 7th floor.)